We Want Your Help to Learn Together

We Want Your Help to Learn Together
Image Credits: https://unsplash.com/@heftiba

tl;dr: We want to create the very first community-driven library.

For the past couple of months, I had an idea about creating a new open source project for string operations. After lots of procrastination, Plexis is published in GitHub and it is still the most incomplete library ever made because I want to create a community-driven solution that can help us learn and grow together.

The Idea

Plexis is a utility library made for string, something like Lodash, Underscore or Ramda. The basic idea is to pack small utility functions into a single project. Every method lives like a single package inside the registry and it is ready for use.

As I was preparing and documenting the Plexis API, getting myself into coding more or less 50 packages/methods, I had an epiphany. Instead of creating the entire library at once, I decided to try a different path. The thing is, I want to offer a chance through open source contributions and let us grow together. Therefore, I created a modern JavaScript library with minimal setup and carefully documented how you can make your first open-source contribution. Each new feature is also documented as a GitHub issue. There, you will find descriptions, examples, and even hints about creating a new package. Also, labels can help you distinguish and pick your very first open-source contribution.

The Vision

Through Plexis we can learn together. I can still recall my very first semester in college learning about string operators and how this knowledge helped me understand the basics of C. I wanted to provide the very same experience for anyone wanting to get involved with a modern, open-source JavaScript library. I’ve always believed that providing people with an inclusive, friendly and open environment will help us thrive. Newcomers can learn through the process of writing code and understanding the basics of the language. Senior developers, on the other hand, can give us their expertise via reviewing pull requests or open issues,suggesting alternative solutions and best practices or even providing guidance. Finally, collaborating is a valuable asset for every single one of us, especially when it comes to exchanging knowledge and spreading ideas.

What You Can Learn

Plexis will give you an idea about a huge spectrum of technologies, design patterns and will also help you understand JavaScript fundamentals.

  • You will learn more about string operations, array operations, and regular expressions.
  • You will find yourself using and understanding closures, pure functions or even how functional programming paradigms work.
  • You will also have a taste of ES6, like a lot.
  • You will find out how monorepos and packages live together.
  • You will experience how a modern library is made using Lerna, Babel, Yarn, and Jest
  • You will learn how a CI/CD environment works through the GitHub / CircleCI / NPM integration.

Your Help is Crucial

You can start right away by providing feedback, opening issues, suggesting features, starring the project, getting through our documentation and finally making your first contribution to Plexis.

You may also get a chance to win a T-shirt since Hacktoberfest is running till the end of the month.

Thank you so much. Hope to see you soon in our pull requests.